Home Health Care

What is home health? We are constantly having calls for a “provider” service and we are here to tell you the difference and guide you in the right direction!

So lets start with Home Health and what Cornerstone Home Health can do for you! We can do all these services FROM YOUR HOME and we are 24/7! As a patient we understand that it can be hard and exhausting to leave your home. The trips to a doctors office in Corpus can become and all day event. We can help and would love to help!

Home health is when a nurse. therapist, or home health aide can provide care from the comforts of your own home. What can the nurses do? The nurses can do a range of things! Help with basic teaching on disease management and education.. Medication management and helping prefill medication box. Wound care from a surgical wound, diabetic wound, skin conditions. Laboratory services to collect labs that can include monthly labs, PT/INR for anti-coagulation therapy, IV therapy. Catheter care with monitoring and teaching. Oxygen therapy and teaching. Yes!

At Cornerstone Home Health we can also help with Rehabilitation. These services include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. A therapist can come to your home and help with daily exercises, strength and balance training, and mobility.

So what is the difference between Home Health and a Provider? A provider is someone who can help with daily life tasks like light housekeeping, personal care, repite care, companionship, and accompanied transportation. These providers can be a friend, family member, or a fresh new face. We do not have providers, but can lead you in the right direction to a company that can help.

Cornerstone Home Health is also keeping up with local and national news. Our nurses who have been in-serviced and trained to use hospital grade PPE and can see the patient from the comfort of their home. We can help reduce the need for a patient to go to the ER and walk in clinics! This can help limit exposure to a patient who is elderly. immuocompromised, and now home-bound due to COVID-19. Call us today for an evaluation of a highly skilled Nurse.