Doctors Visit Checklist

It can be very confusing and such a hassle sometimes for our appointments. They are so important to go to and to keep up with! We often forget then are rushing to see our doctor and feel like we have forgot everything and the reason we even went! In today’s world even a telehealth visit can get confusing, especially trying to use new technology.

Telehealth is when your doctors visit is over the phone or on a video call. This is to protect you as the patient and the medical staff as well during this time. Even during this visit it can get confusing and overwhelming. We want you to be prepared! One rule we like to follow is ALWAYS have your medications ready for all doctors your see. Bring in all medications including over the counters and any vitamins!

Here is a checklist to prepare you for your appointment in the office or over the phone! You can print it out or ask us to bring you a copy on your next visit!